About our Instructors

Larry Scalzitti
LRN2RYD’s chief instructor is Larry Scalzitti. He’s been riding motorcycles since he turned 20.

Larry Scalzitti Motorcycle Instructor

And let’s just say that it’s been a long time since he started riding.   Larry grew up in the Chicago area and went to college at Creighton University before joining the Navy. After serving aboard two frigates, a destroyer, a cruiser and an ammo ship he retired in 1995. While in the Navy, Larry earned a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from The Naval Post Graduate School. Before retiring, he taught for three years at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

After his retirement, Larry taught math at Stevenson High School for ten years. He has a Masters of Arts in Teaching from The Johns Hopkins University. In addition to teaching math, he also sponsored the school’s juggling club. Under his guidance, the Toss Up club sponsored annual festival grew into one of the largest regional juggling gatherings in the country.

Larry got involved with motorcycle education in 2002. He received his Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) training at Northern Illinois University (NIU). In addition to teaching at NIU, he has also taught at the University of Illinois and Illinois State University. Since then he has instructed hundreds of students and shared his passion for riding with each one. Larry has taught both the MSF and University of Oregon courses.

An avid rider, Larry averages over 30,000 miles of riding per year. He does a lot of long distance riding and is a member of the Iron Butt Association (IBA), the Motorcycle Tourer's Forum (MTF). When he’s not teaching or heading off into the sunset, Larry rides with two local clubs, the Chicago Region BMW Owners Association (CRBMW) and the Top Cats. He is also active as a member of the Patriot Guard Riders.

Larry is a member of the State Motorcycle Safety Administrators Association (SMSA), the American Motorcycle Association (AMA), and the American Brotherhood Aimed Towards Education (ABATE).


Sherri Rompala Motorcycle Instructor

Sherri Rompala
Sherri comes from a family of motorcycle riders. She was born and raised in a small town in Wisconsin and being the only girl with five brothers, it was pretty much all there was to do! Sherri started her first encounter with shifting at the age of 16. Before that, it was mini bikes, dirt bikes, four wheelers or anything she could get her hands on.

After many moves around Wisconsin and Illinois, Sherri settled in the Chicagoland area in 1995. After raising her two sons, she decided to take a motorcycle safety class to see what it was all about.

It didn’t take Sherri long to rediscover her long time passion for two wheels. Not long after taking her own safety course she was teaching the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic Rider and Experienced Rider Courses for Northern Illinois University. In 2003 Sherri continued her education by attending Harley Davidson’ Rider’s Edge instructor training school. She currently teaches for the motor company’s Riders Edge program in Wisconsin.

Sherri is extremely dedicated to motorcycle safety and teaching is her way of contributing to the community and the sport of motorcycle riding. Her passion for riding clearly comes through as an instructor. There is no better witness to that than the laudatory remarks her students write and say about her. Nothing is more gratifying to Sherri than watching a student learn the fundamentals of riding a motorcycle and developing the skills necessary to become a safe motorcyclist.

When asked why she rides a motorcycle Sherri is quick to respond, “For those who have experienced the joy, no explanation is necessary; for those who have not, no explanation is possible.”

Sherri is a member of American Motorcycle Association (AMA) and the Motorcycle Rider’s Foundation (MRF).